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One pair mens size socks

70% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 5% Spandex

Fits shoe size 6 - 12.5 US Men, 7.5 - 14 US Women

”Gaming” - Black/Green. Retro video game designed socks w/ “Do not disturb I am gaming” text on bottom.

”Galaxy” - Black/White. Space theme w/ astronauts, stars, spaceships, etc.

“Science Club” - Black/Neon Green. Science theme w/ atoms printed all over.

"Hacker" - Black/Red. Alien head and "X" glitch designed.

"Equation" - Dark Green/Black. Mathematical equation on chalkboard design.

"Cellular" - Black/Red. Cell phone related icons theme.

"Space Cats" - Teal/Orange. Astronaut cats, rocket ships, stars, etc. 

“Love Dogs” - Dark Grey/White. Dog theme w/ blue and yellow color collars and triangles.

”Love Kisses” - Black/Red. An all over print of red lipstick kisses.

"Love Roses" - Black/Red. A tribal skull head w/ roses all over.

"Love Skeleton" - Black/Tan. Skeleton foot design.

"Love Zombies" - Black/Light Blue.

"Love Lips" - Black/Red. An all over print of teeth biting lips.

”Beach” - Blue/Tan. Sandy beach theme w/ red, light blue and brown accents.

”Shark” - Light Blue/Black. Water blue w/ sharks splashing out of the water.

"Seashell" - Black/Teal. Underwater ocean theme w/ seashells, fish, starfish, etc.

"Skate" - Grey/Black. Variety of skateboards in an all over print fashion.

"Bullseye" - Grey/Black.